About head lice & nits

We've put together a helpful list of questions and answers based on things we get asked all the time. Hopefully you'll find the information you need below, but if you need any help or advice before ordering from us, feel free to get in touch.

Can head lice become resistant to My Itchy Kid's products?

No. Neem (our main head lice killing ingredient) works in several ways to kill and prevent head lice. Neem suffocates, starves and limits breeding among other things so neem isn't a knock down pesticide and therefore can't become resistant.

Why are head lice such a problem?

Head lice have always been a problem, and like any pest have learned to adapt to their environment. The key is to make your children unattractive to them so no matter what is going on at school your child is always clear of head lice. Using My Itchy Kid's shampoo and spray will do that.

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Can head lice jump?

No, head lice aren't built to jump, they can only walk from one head to another, which is why primary school ages catch head lice the most because they've always got their head together.

What are head lice and nits?

Head lice are insects which infest the hair of the human head. Nits are the eggs of the head lice. They can only live on the human head.

Do I need to cut my child's hair?

No, cutting your child's hair won't make a bit of difference.

Will short hair keep head lice at bay?

Not really, as long as children are playing together, taking selfies with their best friends and living in the same house, head lice will be around.

How did we keep head lice away in the old days?

The short answer is we didn't. Hair was kept shaun, carbolic soap was rubbed in, and we had a nit nurse. Bear in mind that we also had far more bugs to contend with: bed bugs and body lice were prolific too. Now bed bugs and body lice are rarely a problem but head lice just keep evolving and becoming resistant to treatment.

Do head lice come from a dirty head or home?

No. You can live in a pristine home and shower every day or in a complete tip and never bathe. Head lice don't care, they are an equal opportunities parasite.

Can I get head lice from our dog or cat?

No. Dogs and cats carry fleas, humans carry head lice and never the twain shall meet.

Is there a way to protect against head lice?

Yes! Use My Itchy Kid's neem shampoo and spray in place of anything else. Regular use will keep head lice away entirely and you won't need to treat for head lice when there's an outbreak because it won't affect you.

Can head lice live anywhere else apart from hair?

Nope! Head lice can only live on a human head. Just as body lice will only live on the human body and fleas will only live on animals.


How can I avoid my child getting head lice repeatedly?

By using My Itchy Kid's head lice prevention products regularly because of how they work. Our products are not a knock down pesticide. Using the shampoo, conditioner and spray regularly will perpetually weaken any head lice which hop on. They will either die or hop off immediately. If using for the first time My Itchy Kid head lice prevention will also kill any head lice and eggs already present.

How did my child get head lice?

Your child got head lice from someone else with head lice. Either by head to head contact in school or at home, or from the inside of a recently vacated hat or pillow. Head lice don't last for long anywhere else except in human hair.

What do I do if I get a letter from school or nursery?

If you're already using our head lice prevention kit (shampoo, conditioner, spray) then you don't need to do a thing. Keep using as normal and make sure to apply the spray to the hair daily. If you use our products regularly you won't be bothered by them. If you don't already use our products you know you're going to get the head lice letter from school at least once this term so be prepared and get our head lice prevention kit in then:

  1. Lather up everyone's hair in our head lice prevention shampoo, leave on for ten mins (tip: Do separately from bath time. Wet hair, wring out by hand, apply shampoo and leave on. If you do this out of the bath, not in it, everyone can do what they like for ten minutes, then reconvene, rinse off and condition. No dramas.)
  2. Now spray pillows, cushions and the inside of hats. Comb a little spray through the hair before school, or spray on and you're protected.

Why do head lice cause itching?

The itching is caused by two things: either by the infestation of head lice moving about on your scalp, or the irritating dermatitis like itch you get from the head louse's saliva which is released into your scalp as it bites into your skin and causes irritation. Our shampoo and conditioners will relieve this itching too.

Can head lice be passed on through towels, bedding and cushions or sofas?

Yes and no. Head lice don't last long anywhere else but the human head. But if someone lies down on a pillow or cushion, or uses a towel recently in contact with a lousy head then yes, a head louse will gratefully hop on to your head. Best to use separate towels for everyone when treating head lice, then just spritz a little My Itchy Kid head lice prevention spray onto pillows and cushions occasionally.

Do you only catch head lice at school?

No, while school is the most common place to catch them you can get head lice by making head to head contact with anyone who has head lice. They are becoming more of a problem for teenagers and adults as they become resistant to over the counter treatments.

How can I stop my child picking up head lice from her friends?

By using our head lice prevention bundle regularly. Our products contain neem which attacks all parts of the head louse life cycle. Regular use will make your child's head a no-go life threatening hazard for head lice and they will do anything to avoid your child's hair. Also, use our spray on pillows, especially if you're expecting a sleep over. This will kill any lice or nits which drop off overnight.