About Us

At My Itchy Kid we have not one, but two missions:


Mission No. 1

Is to make sure you never have to treat your child for head lice again. Ever. We've done this by developing a shampoo, conditioner and spray to replace your normal shampoo and conditioner. Because My Itchy Kid's products work continuously to prevent your child getting head lice in the first place, you won't need to react to a head lice infestation at school by treating with nit shampoo, because your children will already be protected.

Mission No. 2

Is to take the itch out of itchy scalps and skin, and to relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis. We have developed a gentle shampoo and conditioner for the head, and a soothing cream for the rest of you. Both contain neem oil and coconut to heal the skin and remove the itch.

How our products work

Head Lice and Nits - The active ingredient in all our products is organic neem extract. Neem is a natural insecticide. It kills head lice and nits by disrupting their growth cycle. It also breaks down their protective exoskeleton, inhibiting their oxygen supply and appetite, thereby starving them to death. Neem also acts as a repellent and a head lice wants to live as much as the rest of us so will always avoid jumping on to a head sprayed with My Itchy Kid's Head Lice Prevention Spray.

Itchy Skin - Neem is also a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial, while organic coconut oils and vitamin E sooth the skin. Combined, and used regularly they will remove the itch entirely, moisturise and improve the quality of your skin overall. We've had really good results on psoriasis and wet eczema with visibly reduced redness, weeping and scaling skin.

A bit about My Itchy Kid

Edie and me

Every product starts with a need. And my god daughters, Edie and Iris kept coming home from school with head lice, so there was definitely a need! Every time Sophie said to the pharmacist "I want the best shampoo to prevent head lice" she came away with a foul smelling nit lotion and a head lice shampoo which promised to get rid of them once and for all. But they always came back every time there was another outbreak.

I already had experience of natural parasite repellents in pets through running my business My Itchy Dog, and I thought if I can keep fleas off dogs it can't be that much of a stretch to develop a product to keep head lice and nits off people, permanently, and that's how My Itchy Kid was born. I wanted gentle head lice and skin products that smell lovely and do a job, and that's precisely what we now offer.

Our product philosophy

Is a simple one; we make effective, well researched and tested (on humans, not animals) products that actually work. We don't use cheap ingredients, we use the best. That way you're not throwing good money after bad. Our products last a long time and offer great value for money.

My Itchy Kid products do not contain any of the following:

  • Parabens
  • Sulphates
  • Artificial colours
  • Artificial surfactants
  • Artificial preservatives

Try our products. Swap your old shampoo and conditioner for ours, and our spray, use according to the instructions and your child won't get any more head lice. No one's skin will itch either. I'll go to the foot of our stairs if you're not entirely happy with the results, and I'll definitely give you your money back.

"Treatment against lice really is simple and I wonder why still nowadays is of any concern for the parents."
- Parasitologist Dr. Jürgen Schmidt