About My Itchy Kid Products

Is My Itchy Kid safe to use on the whole family?

Yes, everyone can use My Itchy Kid products from the age of 2 years.

How does My Itchy Kid work?

Our products are neem based, not pesticide or silicone based. Neem is not a 'knock down' pesticide used to kill head lice and nits when they occur (thought it will definitely deal with an outbreak), our products depress the head louse and nits ability to feed and breed. So any head lice and nits which are present and don't drown in the wash starve to death and don't breed. 

So most eggs won't hatch and those that do won't go on to feed and breed themselves. Using My Itchy Kid products as part of a regular routine (at least once a week) makes your head a self limiting situation for head lice and eggs and they die off. 

Used regularly it is like mopping the kitchen floor, anything that may be present will be perpetually weakened. The longer you use it the more resistant you are to head lice and nits.


Can I use My Itchy Kid if I have asthma, eczema, psoriasis or sensitive skin? 

Yes. All our products are safe to use and will actually soothe skin and relieve itching.


Can My Itchy Kid be used safely on coloured or bleached hair?

Yes, there are no bleaching agents or colours added to any of our products.


Can My Itchy Kid be used on small children?

Yes, all our products can be used on children from the age of 2 years.


Can My Itchy Kid be used when I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes. External application of neem products made with the neem seed - shampoo, spray, cream can all be used safely. It is not recommended to use neem leaf internally when pregnant or breastfeeding. 

What makes My Itchy Kid products different from all the rest?

Where do I start? Unlike familiar over the counter head lice treatments My Itchy Kid products are free from pesticides, insecticides and silicone. They don't kill head lice and eggs by drenching them in poison and there is no known resistance to our products.

My Itchy Kid products repel and deter head lice and nits from taking up residence in the first place primarily through regular use. Our products are neem based and neem attacks several parts of the head lice life cycle. Neem stops head lice feeding and breeding so our products approach head lice treatment and prevention from several angles meaning they don't stand a chance.


How often can I repeat a My Itchy Kid treatment?

The best way is to replace your shampoo and conditioner with ours and use as often as you would normally, but we recommend at least once a week. Then use the spray daily by spritzing onto the hair, comb or hairbrush and running it through the hair. The idea with out products is to use them regularly so that pest don't bother you in the first place. Even if there is an outbreak at school you will have built up a fantastic barrier and the head lice will go elsewhere for their Netflix and chill!


Does My Itchy Kid contain permethrin, silicone or a common insecticide?

No. Our products don't contain any of those.

Do My Itchy Kid head lice products have a nasty smell?

No, they smell lovely, quite fresh in fact. They're full of ivy, mallow, elder, cucumber, arnica and lime. It's a fresh, gentle smell.


How can I occupy my child for 10 minutes while the shampoo is on?

If you're using our products for the first time we recommend leaving the shampoo on for ten minutes and doing this wash separately from bath time if they're liable to boredom. So wet the hair, over the bath for instance, squeeze out the water then lather up the hair and put a towel around their shoulders. Then they're free to do whatever they like for ten minutes. 

Once you're using it once a week then just wash as normal.


Will My Itchy Kid sting when we use it?

Absolutely not. All our products are super gentle and won't sting.


Where can I buy My Itchy Kid?

Currently only from My Itchy Kid but we are working on building up a network of hairdressers and health stores. 


How do I use My Itchy Kid head lice prevention?

It's dead simple, follow the instructions below: