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4 Easy Steps: What to do when you’re in head lice horror

Tuesday, 1 May 2018  |  Admin

If you’re child has come home with head lice and nits, or you discover them while washing their hair then this is the article for you.

I’m going to show you how to get rid of them: on your child’s head, on their clothes, bedding and in the house.

Follow this simple process and once they’re gone they will stay gone. I promise.

1st – The Head

This is the key. Head lice can’t survive anywhere else but on the human head. Not on pillows, or the body even, nowhere but the head. So, if you treat the head right (think of it as the top of the head lice pyramid) anywhere else the head lice have dropped on to won’t matter once you’ve treated it, as the head lice will die off without their host to feed off and hatch on. Shampoo

Lather up the hair with My Itchy Kid shampoo, leave it on for ten minutes, then rinse. If you use conditioner put that on too then rinse and dry as normal. Studies have shown that after 10 minutes in a good neem shampoo the head lice and eggs will be dead. The key here is that because the eggs (nits) are dead you won’t need to do another treatment cycle in seven days when the eggs hatch as they are now deceased. Ex nits if you like.

For the next six days wash as normal with the shampoo and spray the hair once a day. After that use the shampoo once a week and the spray every day.

Neem works by stopping head lice feeding and breeding. The lice lose their appetite and stop eating. The eggs do the same, so they don’t hatch, and if they do they’ll die soon after. The head lice no longer feel the urge to breed so don’t lay any more eggs.

By using our head lice prevention this way, you are breaking the lifecycle vital for head lice and eggs to continue living. So, they simply find another head to live on. Which is why when there’s a head lice outbreak at school your child won’t be affected.

2nd – The Clothes

Wash any clothes your child came home in on as hot a wash as the care label says is OK. Include their hats in that too. When they’re dry spray a little of our head lice prevention spray onto the shoulders and neckline of shirts, cardigans, blazers etc. Always do a patch test first though. And spray in to hats.

3rd – The Bedding

Wash bedding, especially pillows, plus any blankets too. Again on as high a wash as the label allows.

Once dry spray a little on to pillows for added protection.

Finally - The House

Have a good hoover up, wash blankets and cushion covers then spray a little on them too.

All this kills any head lice or eggs which have dropped off, stopping them trying to hop back on when anyone lies down.

That’s it. After the washing and hoovering is done as well as the first wash you’ve rid your home of head lice and nits. Truly, good job, pour yourself a large glass of something, sit back and admire your nit killing prowess. You’re the head lice ninja!

To keep them gone wash their hair once a week with our shampoo, spray a little on the head every day and you’ve cracked it.