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Head lice rank number 4 on the list of things parents worry about.

Thursday, 20 September 2018  |  Admin

According to new research, parents spend an incredible 37 hours a week worrying about their children.

A child's safety and happiness come in at one and two, while worry over whether or not their children are getting bullied ranked as number three.

The fact that head lice came in at number four just blew me away! When it comes to health over 27% of parents said having their children coming home from school with head lice was their top concern.

In the overall health stakes dealing with lice ranked just behind a broken or sprained limb and a broken heart.

While 48% of parents feel they’re being judged by other parents that figure rises to 52% when their child comes home with head lice.

Parents have enough to worry about without having to fret about head lice as well.

Once you know how head lice pass from child to child it’s much easier to anticipate and deal with. Prevention is far easier to deal with than cure.

Your children get head lice from direct head to head contact allowing the lice to walk from one head to another. Head lice cannot jump, swim or fly. Head lice don’t prefer clean or dirty heads so getting them doesn’t mean your child is dirty.

The easiest way to ensure your child doesn’t get head lice is to wash their hair once a week with My Itchy Kid Head Lice Prevention Shampoo, then spray their hair each day with our Head Lice Prevention Spray.

The ingredients are a natural repellent so even if a head louse manages to walk over from one child’s head on to yours it will just drop off or die before it has a chance to lay any eggs.

It’s couldn’t be simpler, and all our products are organic and gentle, with no artificial colours or preservatives, parabens or petroleum.
They smell pretty good too.