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How My Itchy Kid shampoos and sprays prevent head lice setting up camp on your child

Monday, 8 January 2018  |  Admin

If you use My Itchy Kid's shampoo and spray right you won't ever have to treat your children for head lice ever again. That's because our products kill the lice, larvae and eggs which conventional head lice treatments don't.

We use neem seed oil and neem leaf extracts in our products to sort out the following:

Head lice

Head lice are becoming resistant to the insecticides used in well known treatments we repeatedly buy from pharmacies. The more we use them, the less effective they become. Not only that but most treatments kill lice and larvae but aren’t very good at killing eggs so only do half a job. This allows the eggs to survive, linger on the scalp, and hatch when ready, giving you another batch of head lice to get rid of.

Neem seed oil will kill head lice, larvae and eggs in one single treatment as long as you’re using a product made from the best quality and the right amount of neem oil, which My Itchy Kid products do.

Head lice and nits (eggs) Treatment

Studies have shown that all you need to do is leave a neem shampoo on for ten minutes and none of the lice, larvae, or eggs will survive. Simply comb the hair through after using our shampoo to remove the dead lice. In this particular study all the volunteers had their hair combed intensely for seven days afterwards and didn’t reveal a single live louse, larvae, or egg for that matter. Also, 7-10 days after washing in neem shampoo no freshly hatched larvae emerged either. So, used correctly, neem shampoo eradicates head lice in all their life stages.

It is perfectly possible to never have head lice again using neem. I’m deadly serious when I write this. Because neem destroys lice at all stages of development it’s very easy to keep head lice away from your children even when their classmates heads are crawling with them.

To prevent your child getting head lice wash once a week in our shampoo and use our neem spray daily. A quick spritz onto a hair brush or comb, directly on to the hair or back of the neck will do it. You can spray a little into any hats they wear or on to a pillowcase. Spray on pillowcases prior to a sleepover too.

Parasites are lazy

One spray a day will quite literally keep all the lice away because parasites are lazy creatures. They go for the weakest host every single time. Neem is a threat so they simply avoid the child with it in their hair, after all there are plenty of others who don’t. The only louse that will hop onto a child’s head using neem is a sick and dying louse. It should fall off easily of it’s own accord.

Another good use for the spray is a family one. Anyone can use our products but we like this one especially for taking on holiday with us to prevent mosquito bites.

Read the full study here....