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Make your kid head lice proof before they go back to school

Tuesday, 4 September 2018  |  Admin

So I woke up yesterday to a post by the totally hilarious @scummymummies on Instagram, which went thus:

“BACK TO SCHOOL!!! I’ve already combed for nits, had coffee and a Barocca... “Put your shoes on”…”when’s your PE day???”… “what do you mean it’s Viking Dress-Up Day, today???” Brilliant!

Now, I can’t help you with dress like a Viking day but I can help you with head lice prevention. I can totally take that off your hands, for good, no more nits, your totally welcome.

How to never get head lice again.

Lice prevention for kids is really simple it just requires you to think a little differently about how you approach it. Instead of reacting to an outbreak of lice or trying to pre-empt them using the conditioner/comb method what we want to do is make your child’s head a permanently hostile environment for head lice.


Use the My Itchy Kid head lice prevention spray and shampoo before you find head lice. Wash your children’s hair with it once a week (use the family shampoo the rest of the time) then spray everyday, combing it through the hair. Put a little spray inside hats and caps, spritz their pillows too if there’s a sleepover and everyone’s protected.

Used this way your children will never have head lice again.

I know it sounds far fetched but My Itchy Kid’s products work differently to any of the familiar pharmaceutical over the counter head lice products; Hedrin, Lyclear or Full Marks for example.

How our products work differently from pharmaceutical head lice lotions

We use super critical neem seed oil in all our products. Neem kills and repels head lice and nits (eggs) by taking away their appetite and libido (all the fun stuff).

Firstly, they stop eating so the live lice die and the eggs stop growing and don’t hatch. Secondly, the live lice stop breeding and laying eggs. So by using My Itchy Kid regularly you’re denying them the lifecycle they need to survive. Head lice don’t have a death wish so they simply set up on someone else’s head, someone not using our shampoo and spray.

My Itchy Kid products do all this while being organic, smelling fabulous and being really kind to sensitive skin.

If you use our products as instructed we promise you this:

  • No more nights treating the whole family for head lice and nits.
  • No more pre-emptive hours conditioning and combing hair.
  • Lots of money saved.
  • More time to do what you want.

Try it for one term and I guarantee you’ll be a convert. Your kids will not get head lice even when there is an outbreak at school. We guarantee it.

Try our shampoo and spray now.